The World's Most Innovative Storm
Drogue System for Emergency

Steering & Storm Survival
  • No need to add bulky chain.
  • No  bags to stow away.
  • No  awkward hoops or cables
  • No tangling shroud lines
  • No winch needed to retrieve.

Outstanding Features:

® Advantage
Our exclusive 8-inch PARA-RING® stabilizer eliminates the challenge
of handling the large metal hoops required to keep many drogues inflated.
technology also makes it impossible to tangle
because it eliminates the need for shroud lines. Fiorentino's patented PARA-RING
® is designed from 316 stainless steel. The durability and tangle free status of the SHARK makes this system an excellent emergency steering device if your rudder or steering cables break.

2. Drogue Tail Eliminates Bulky Chain
To avoid cumbersome chain required to keep drogues submerged below stormy seas, Smith developed the unique "DROGUE TAIL
" so mariners can easily attach a spare anchor on
the backside of the SHARK
.  Smith say's “It’s complicated to deploy chain, not to mention,
the cost of splicing chain into anchor rode.” A small ground anchor is more compact and
most sailors already store a spare anchor in
their lazerette. Any style anchor from 10 to
50-pounds can be shackled onto the SHARK’s drogue tail™.
No trip line required for recovery.

3. Better Storage
Without a Bag.

When not in use the SHARK's
canopy and DROGUE TAIL fit compactly inside its
A protective cover is easily snapped into place with two nylon buckles. Self-contained packing saves space and eliminates bags that must be stowed and later recovered.

The Safer Choice.

he SHARK is the only hybrid drogue built from heavy grade fabric that meets precise hydrostatic test requirements to ensure a stronger and safer product. Fiorentino is recognized as the only drag device manufacturer to go beyond any ISO and USCG safety standard to produce high end products for extreme weather.

 Video's (Real-Life, Non Edited

  SHARK Deployment                     SHARK Retrieval 

Here's EVERYTHING included
with the patented SHARK


Tow a SHARK to Slow or
Steer Your Boat

Sailboats, trawlers and power boats that go
to places like the Bahamas or Mexico are all
likely to encounter large waves at some point
in their voyages. Experienced sailors know
that steering a boat downwind in heavy seas
is dangerous and exhausting. Large waves
can toss a boat out of control or crash on top
of the person at the helm. The Shark
help slow your boat down so it’s not surfing
the waves while maintaining enough speed to
ensure that waves don’t break on the cockpit."

 --Zack Smith, inventor of the SHARK
and author of "The Complete Para-Anchor
Set Up."

Shark Drogue Manual:
Includes Question

The Shark Drogue Manual, written by Zack
Smith,inventor of the revolutionary Shark
Drogue is a must read for any sailor thinking about using a drag device on his or her boat The manual not only details use of the Shark Drogue, but provides information on the pros and cons of various types of drogues. Sailors will also learn firsthand about Zack’s pioneering  “Constant Rode Tension” theory which he developed after more than a decade of sea trials. In the manual, he not only explains his copyrighted theory, but offers specific formulas for putting it into use. Zack also shares specific amounts of weights for reducing slack rode and other ground0- breaking tips on how to avoid shock loads on your boat.

The Shark Manual can now be downloaded from our website. Hardcopy available by contacting
Price: $49

The SHARK's COMPACT design makes
it a safer drogue for any novice to quickly
and simply deploy from an unstable platform.

Other drogues require huge lengths of cone
ridden rope and long lengths of bulky chain
nearly impossible to deploy in sloppy seas.    
Still other drogues use super large rims,
cables, or hoops that can break or spring
open in your hands presenting an entirely
new challenge.

Best of all, the Shark is so easy to retrieve
that you'll never have to winch it in or cut it
away. Unlike those other drogues which
must be cut away rather than retrieved, the
Shark can be relied on time and time again.
This high performance safety gear has been
extensively tested and offers an outstanding
investment for any serious

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Shark Storm Drogue Size Chart & Prices    
SHARK Size Packed Dimensions SHARK
For Boats Model # Model # OnLine
Small 8-inches wide
8-inches tall
10 lbs 22 to 31-feet
and up
to 20,000 lbs
S-SHARK $595
Medium 8-inches wide
8-inches tall
12 lbs 32 to 49-feet
and up
to 50,000 lbs
M-SHARK $789
Large 8-inches wide
10-inches tall
14 lbs 50 to 90-feet
and up
 to 200,000 lbs
L-SHARK $839 American
x-Large custom sizing    over 90-feet XL-SHARK call International

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