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What fishermen are saying about
Fiorentino's Coastal Anchor

"... I bought the full fishing package and
saved a lot of money. The other drift anchors can't compare to Fiorentino's performance or quality. Thanks f
or an affordable and long-lasting product!"

---Capt. Mike Stephens
San Diego, California

We spend more time fishing with a Fiorentino anchor…the other brands tangles so badly that we have to stop fishing and we can’t spend the night offshore.”

---Capt. John Vitella,
Instructor at Sea School,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida




Captains Mario & Ken Cote Shoot
Video on how they kite fish with a
Fiorentino Coastal Anchor

These videos demonstrate an ORIGINAL Fiorentino parachute sea anchor. Not to be confused with a
drift sea anchor, drift sock sea anchor or drift bag sea anchor.
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